Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 2: Already the fatigue threatens to destroy everything we have worked towards.

Well. Into day two of the great blog experiment. By the time you, the great unwashed, get to read this, it will have already been seen by a huge number of JUSTIN BIEBER fans driven here by my clever marketing ploys. At this particular moment in time, however, I have yet to reveal the existence of this piece of cyber-masturbation to anyone, so it chugs away in its own little corner of the internet unseen by all save mighty Cthulhu and the CIA INTERNET POLICE.
Already I feel the crushing weight of self-doubt raining down upon my head and no one has even had the common decency to call me a faggot or anything in the comments section of a post about the English Civil War. But I am determined. I am strong. I love the English Civil War. If anybody wants to hate crime me then go ahead. NOBODY STOPS THE JUGGERNAUT*

Fuck it. I am going to tell people about this blog. That will make it real.

*I am aiming to make this catch on.

1 comment:

  1. why would anybody call you a faggot?

    oh hang on...many people out there are spurned to do such things without any sort of prompting...or even proper spelling!