Monday, February 7, 2011

I am the first. Correspondingly, I win.

Well well well. It finally happened. One of us had to crack and it has turned out to be me. It was inevitable that one of us would get a sweet sweet blog set up that would contain such eminently googlable phrases as JUSTIN BIEBER, CHEAP VALENTINES APOLOGIES and DERMOT O'LEARY GIRLFRIEND* and it turns out that I have stolen a march on you and am now in possession of the least effective tool in any modern activist's arsenal. Stand by to be force-fed my opinions on a variety of topics about which you previously thought it was impossible to hold extremist views.

All that said/skim read, I have decided to start a blog. It is intended as a writing aide. I hope that by blathering nonsense on here it will free my mind to write high quality expensive stuff that important people can pay me for. Meanwhile, tightwads and cheapos can come on here and see the raw workings of my poorly-maintained imagination. I promise that what I write will be only lightly researched and reactionary.

*The traffic on this thing is going to be insane-o.

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