Thursday, February 24, 2011

Escaping on a technicality.

Well. This. Is. AWKWARD. I have boasted a couple of times on these hallowed pages of my plan to try and update this thing every working day. Well. As the more eagle-eyed among you may have spotted, I haven't been as assiduous with this as I might have been. Well suck on these extenuating circumstances you pack of mothers:

I only try to blog before I start writing something else. I have been busy with other real important stuff of late and as a result the first couple of days this week have been a snafu for the writing.

Case dismissed. Clear the court. I am busy again today so this is literally it.


  1. I truly look forward to your blog updates.

  2. write your damn blog! we've been waiting for ages!

  3. Hi Humphrey. Digged the show and writing something up about it for Huffington Post. One thing - can't age you. how old might you be?

  4. I just listened to your wonderful Sketchorama. I write album comedy for Fred (son of Paul) Frees. He doesn't do live events, so I wondered if there's any chance you'll have non-live stuff on your show. I'd love to send you some of ours.